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What You Seek Is Seeking You

The Things That Call to You Are Calling for a Reason.

"What You Seek is Seeking You." - RUMI

Although Rumi, poet & mystic, lived hundreds of years ago, his ability to inspire persists even today. He left a legacy of literature created with insight and understanding. Rumi's words and their meaning translate after all these years causing them to echo loudly throughout time and space. The gifts he left behind are wrapped in grace, simplicity, and leave us with much to unpack and ponder.

The phrase, "What you seek is seeking you," 

On paper, Rumi contemplated life, love, and 

 When read and reflected upon, his offerings on life, love, and all else we wish to understand on the deepest level, pave a pathway into the present moment over and over again. 

When we take a moment to pause and reflect on these famous words, "What you seek is seeking you," we 

opportunities  of inspirational  for growth and to evolve by raising our awareness and understanding of all that we question on a deeper level. 

Each verbal impression he gifted us with much to contemplate and loads of inspiration. Along with each verbal impression  offers awareness, understanding, and an opportunity for higher consciousness to the readers of his legacy. 

When it comes to knowing what it is that you seek, does the answer clearly make itself known? Or is the answer to this question hazy What is it that you seek?​

Whether or not you're able to answer this question, allocating mindfully moving your body while on the mat or reclined while receiving an energy balancing treatment great place to explore the notion of 

Spending time while on the mat in the midst of mindful movement or receiving an energetic tune-up while lying on the treatment table


Rebecca Lloyd

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