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Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself.


Kindle your curiosity, ignite inspiration with Wonder & Illuminate Your Pathway to Wellness 

"I first met Becky at a yogathon. I had always wanted to try yoga but it seemed like life was always busy. I am a fitness fanatic and spend many hours building muscle. However I did not realize the amazing benefits that yoga would bring to me.I love this quiet time and stretching into shapes. I never thought I could calm my thoughts but a couple years later it’s my peace. It brings me to a place that nothing else could do. I love Becky- everything about her actually. When I am in her class it feels right and I am at peace. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to try it. Yoga with Becky is the most nonjudgmental class that I have ever taken.I promise you once you try it- you will be back."

Lorena M.

"Becky is a skilled yoga practitioner who thoughtfully crafts every class. Classes can include movement, poetry, sound and other techniques to help you find peace. Her delicate yet precise words provide comfort and confidence as you transition and hold poses. Modifications are readily available and encouraged. The studio space is beautiful and exudes tranquility. It will very quickly become one of your favorite spaces. By the end of class Becky has led you through a yoga sequence that shows kindness and healing to your body, mind and soul."

Jennifer T

"Becky has been coming to my house for one-on-one yoga sessions since last autumn when gyms and yoga studios were closed. The sessions have been so fruitful for me that almost a year later, she still meets me in my home! We work out the best routine for my body's needs, and she accommodates whatever those needs are.  The constancy over these unpredictable times has helped my body stay in balance.  If you have been thinking about calling her for this purpose, I highly recommend it."

Jean Smith

"I have attended Becky's yoga classes for several years. Her classes are adapted to meet all ability levels. She brings balance into my life with her calming voice, peaceful atmosphere and gentle guidance. At the end of each class I find myself saying, "That's just what I needed!"

Patty Dixon

"There are two parts to yoga with Becky.  The first part is the body.  Yoga makes the body stronger in ways that seem impossible.  Becky leads and encourages in her teaching with a passion that is inspiring yet, never shaming and always celebrates your own body and what it can do.  She encourages and offers modifications to be more gentle or to kick it up a notch if that’s is what you need.  I truly feel ‘present’ in my own body during her class.


Secondly, there is the mind and soul connection.   Becky has an uncanny sense of what both the body and the psyche need. I swear there are times she reads my mind and says just what I need to hear. She gives as much guidance and attention to the mind and soul throughout her class as she does the body and that is what makes her truly unique and this is what keeps me coming back."

Lisa H.

"Like a light switch, my stress turns off once Becky begins class.  She has the softest, most calming voice.  Each class is unique and an amazingly peaceful experience."

Ann Peterson

I knew Becky was special the first time I took a class with her several years ago.  Her deep sense of caring and peacefulness was clearly evident from my first interactions with her.  Since then, Becky's yoga classes have been a welcome space to learn and grow on a personal level and to connect with others on a community level.  Her Reiki sessions are insightful and incredibly helpful.  No matter what service of Becky's I engage in, I always leave with a sense of contentment and peace.

Laura Henry

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