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Play, Peace & Poses

Typically, a children’s yoga class is nothing like an adult's class. Kids yoga serves to ignite curiosity and imagination while cultivating an overall sense of awareness. In Play, Peace & Poses, your child can expect to take fantastic yoga adventures, play games, act out scenes from stories, sing along in songs & create a variety of new shapes with their body through individual poses, partner & group poses.


Every Sunday at 1:00 PM

Ages 7-13

Go to Book Online to register!

Practicing yoga benefits the entire body, mind, & spirit of a child! 

Through yoga games, yoga adventures, music, stories, & many other mindfulness activities, children learn to stretch their bodies in new & creative ways. They learn valuable breathing and visualization techniques that teach focus, relaxation and self-control while having fun! 

Basic & challenging yoga poses, partner poses & group poses cultivates self-confidence, self-love, & self-awareness while planting seeds of kindness & respect for others. When children practice yoga, they learn to work as a team while developing strength, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence, cooperation, relaxation, and love for one's self (inside & out!).

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