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"Don't be so eager to arrive that you miss out on the magic along the way."


Love Yoga & Want to Stay Committed?

Remember What it is that You Get out of Your practice.

If we're talking about the physical aspect of a regular yoga practice, there are numerous benefits to the poses and postures 

We have all heard how the physical benefits of a regular yoga practice offer numerous benefits; yes, this is true. Despite  however, the postures and poses are only a very small part of the tradition.Yes, the postures and poses can do so much for our overall wellness, but there are many more avenues that deepen ones understanding of the power of living your yoga. 

Yoga Equipment

Lessons from the Mat

blog | Ponderings

The practice of yoga (on and off the mat) puts us in touch with the present moment, our body, and our own inner workings. What types of topics are you curious about?


Practice at Home

Video | When You Can't Get to the Studio

Can't make it to class but have a few minutes to move? Check out these classes that have been prerecorded. The duration and intensity of each practice varies. If you have 20 minutes or 75 minutes, we have what you need!


Postures & Poses

info | Tips and tricks to get you into your body

Ever wonder how to get into and out of a specific pose? If you have one in particular you'd like help with, email us and we will break it down for you. If you are wondering, someone else may be too.


Expand & Evolve Your Understanding

Discover | The Physical & Beyond

By making yoga enjoyable and empowering, Blue Feather Wellness wants you to know what lies beyond the physical aspect of yoga. Discover the 8 Limbs of yoga and also explore the subtle side of the practice by acquainting yourself with the body's energy centers known as the chakras. Explore how these topics go hand in hand with yoga poses (asanas) and breathwork to complement this ancient practice as a whole.

Woman on Bridge

Feeling Stuck, Stressed, & Disconnected?

How to Let it All Go & Experience Peace Now

Welcome! Please, come in and make yourself at home. We've been waiting for you to arrive and we're grateful you're here.
We invite you to set your worries aside and to let go of anything demanding your already divided attention. If helpful, you can visualize yourself placing all of your worries inside of a box; imagine locking it up as tightly and securely as you can. Now, take this box and and slide it as far away from you as possible. If the items stored need your attention, do not worry, for they will be there for you to revisit at a later time and from a more grounded place. For now, resolve to let them go and just be where you are. 
As you begin to surrender to what is, adjust and arrange your body in a way that feels safe, comfortable and that allows you to relax. Simultaneously, give yourself permission to be right here in this moment while letting your thoughts come and go. Whenever a thought arises, acknowledge it but do not follow the thought. 
The act of slowing down, allows you to drop into your body more deeply so that you can begin to detect sensations as they arise. Observe these feelings, both familiar and unfamiliar, in a curious way. Return to your breath and on your next exhalation, sigh it out and continue to do so any time you feel the need. Think of every out-breath as an opportunity to free your body of stagnant air and energy. Allow it to flow right on out of your body and mind. 
When distractions pop up, simply return to your breath and consider it your anchor to the moment that it is.
By now, you are likely feeling somewhat lighter and more aware. If you're not quiet there just yet, that's okay, be gentle with yourself and trust that there is plenty of time for you to settle and connect with your body and all that is. 
Continue to breathe as we go deeper within. Unhinge your jaw, relax your throat, and soften behind and around your eyes. Allow your shoulders to relax and drop away from the ears and breathe with ease and awareness while keeping your belly relaxed to enhance the deepness of each breath. Do not be afraid to take up as much space as you need any time you inhale. 
Breathing in through your nose and observe the coolness of the air each time it enters. Note how the belly, rib cage, and chest all expand in a three-dimensional way.  
Once the lungs are full, take a moment to pause ever so briefly to allow your body time to absorb the clarity, energy, and space gifted from each breath in. 
When ready to exhale, slowly release the air from your body and let go of any lingering tension in the neck and shoulders. 
Whether you are standing, sitting, or laying down, feel the surface beneath you and allow it to hold you completely. In this moment, let everything be just as it is while witnessing the rise and fall of every breath. Hear the sounds around you and encourage sensations to just wash over you again and again.
Check in momentarily and acknowledge the peace, calm, and clarity within. Notice how present you are and how aware you are of the environment around you. From this moment on, trust that all you will ever need to return back home to yourself is already within you. It is who you are and is intrinsically yours to keep. Any time you'd like to reconnect with your beautiful, peaceful, and graceful self, remember this: all you need is a desire to let go of your worries and to return to the moment, breath by mindful breath.

"The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light."

s. ajna

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