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Care, Consideration, & Calm Amid Covid

Our Mindful Method to the Madness

We've spent a lot of time recently in deep consideration to our approach to 

Over the course of these last few months, we've spent so much time, thought, and consideration on covid and how to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, welcome, and safe, to practice at the studio. 

Our space is relatively small, therefore, most of our classes are small. Each class has between 3-7 students. We respect your privacy & do NOT require vaccination status. This is and respect your privacy and the law according to HIPAA. 

As the business owner, I wear my mask and do my best to follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing when possible before and after class. I remove my mask once I am on my mat so that I am able to speak clearly and breathe while teaching. When class is over and everyone gets up, I put my mask back on. During class I stay on my mat at all times unless I need to adjust music volume or if someone needs something they cannot get themselves. I sure do miss offering hands-on adjustments and mini back rubs :( But, I want to ensure that everyone feels as if their space is being respected and they are comfortable with the distance between us.

As far as participants go, I encourage everyone to be respectful of those around them and to embrace the precautions they feel are necessary for themselves and their own safety, health, and overall well-being. Therefore, if someone feels most protected by wearing a mask throughout the entirety of class, that is their choice. If you decide to attend a class and in the event that someone invades your space, just let me know or give me a look and I will either help you find a space where you feel more comfortable or would make a general announcement asking everyone to spread out a little to respect everyone's personal space. So far everyone has been great with distancing - but many of them seem to know one another and feel okay with being a little closer to their friends. 

I also decided to invest in a Medical Grade H13 HEPA Air Filter/Purifier. From my research, viruses and bacteria make up some of the smallest and most dangerous airborne particles. Which leads me to why I chose this specific air purifier. This specific model filters 99.7% of particles down to 0.3 microns and 99.95% of particles between 0.3 - 0.1 microns. Although the studio space at Blue Feather Wellness is not very large, I decided to level up from the recommended sized filter so that it could actually clear the air for a space double this size. I arrive more than an hour before each class to turn it on and get it going. 

In addition to the above, I deep clean 1x every week and sanitize surfaces after every class. I hold private sessions here during the week and always sanitize before and after those sessions as well. There is hand sanitizer readily available for anyone to use also. 

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