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Can't Make it Into Class?

Don't Stress

Clear a Space & Practice Anyway. 

Life Will Not Always Provide Us with Peace and Quiet. There Will Be Times When We Must Find Peace Despite the Noise.

Expectations Limit Our Possibilities

How You Do Yoga is How You Do Everything - Do it Well.

My daughter was two months shy of her 2nd birthday at the time of this recording. Things were good. She napped during the day and slept soundly through the night; life was peaceful and we were happy. 

Not long before this video took place, things changed out of the blue. To be more specific, our schedule changed because she suddenly decided to quit taking naps. Ummm. What the...?!

I'll be totally honest, this change of plans was very hard for me to accept. Not that long ago, she had agreed to this arrangement and I had not idea how to handle it. Those first few moments, days, and weeks were tough on both of us. 

As she outright refused our once consistent daytime sleep schedule, I was feeling denied of my precious "m:e time. The more she resisted, the more I resisted too. This went on until the air in our home was so thick with opposition that it was nearly unfit to breathe. 

I am grateful that I can say I finally came to the point of acceptance and stopped resisting. Instead, I released expectations of what I thought I needed and did my best to embrace her company. I laid out two mats, invited her to the one beside mine and hit record. My sigh in the beginning of this moment captured in time says it all, but thankfully, my attitude quickly changes and I was able to capture a truly beautiful experience. 

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