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Turquoise & Neutral Beaded Wall Tapestry on Driftwood

Turquoise & Neutral Beaded Wall Tapestry on Driftwood

SKU: 366615376135191

Turquoise & Neutral Beaded Wall Tapestry on Driftwood; beaded and braided




Turquoise, Pink, Ivory, Brown (twine)


DIMENSIONS (horizontal width x vertical length)

19" x 17"


    Bohemian wall tapestry handcrafted with love & Lake Ontario driftwood, beaded & braided


    Turquoise, Pink, Ivory, Brown (twine)


    Length across (width) 16" x Vertical Length (height) 23"

    The length across or horizontal length measurement is the length of the driftwood used. The tapestry is a few inches shorter on both sides to allow room for tying the hanging string onto the ends of the stick.

    The height or vertical length is measured from the top of the driftwood to the bottom of the yarn. The measurement does not include the string that the tapestry hangs from, which is a few additional inches and can be adjusted to your liking.


    I use quality yarn in my tapestries and enjoy mixing a variety of textures and sizes of yarn/cord to give more depth and dimension to the finished product.

    Beads, burlap flower embellishments, and braids are also added to offer depth and to give each piece its own unique flair. I truly enjoy the work that goes into my creations and have begun to see the process as an art form!

    Most tapestries, including this particular piece, have been created using Lake Ontario driftwood.


    Returns & Exchanges

    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, email me at as soon as possible so that we can quickly come to a resolution together. I'm happy to issue a full refund or work out the details for an exchange.


    If a replacement tapestry is priced higher than the original, charges may be applied to make up for the difference before the transaction can be completed.  

    If the replacement tapestry is less than the original piece, a refund for the difference may be issued.



    If you are in the area (Oswego, NY/Oswego County), you have the option to pick up at my studio location: 188 south third street, Fulton NY.


    The expected delivery time is just an estimate. USPS and I will be working as fast as we can to fulfill your order, but some orders may have a delivery time somewhat later than the listed expected date.

    Expedited Shipping Information:

    Email me at to discuss expedited shipping options. Cost of expedited shipping may cost between $25-$40 in addition to the total tapestry cost.

Excluding Sales Tax
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